Never going to happen…

Every so often, just for a moment, I have the sudden crazy belief that perhaps this is all a mistake. Somebody somewhere is going to realise that there’s been a mix-up at the labs and Pudding hasn’t really got Hunters. But I know, of course, that that’s never going to happen…


Well, that I was a full-on few days… Setting off at 5.30am on Tuesday was easier than I thought seeing as I’d already woken up an hour before. Dark though, and it was tipping it down with rain so visibility was not great. Once we hit the M1 there was a traffic jam and right […]

Different perspectives

Another Manchester day, but this time, it’s Pudding’s operation so we’re setting off even earlier today. Which of course means, I’m awake way before the alarm. I’m nervous about today, but not so much about the op itself. He’s having the portacath put in, grommets in his ears, and tonsils and adenoids mostly removed to […]

Perfect behaviour

Another day in Manchester yesterday, and more tears from me. I was already teary after lying awake picturing him going under the anesthetic next week and knowing that we will have a few hours to wait and worry. Then in the morning as I walked into the hospital I happened to glance left and read […]

Bad mother

Is there something about being a parent that sets you out to feel inadequate whichever way you turn?  A few times now I’ve read things written by other special needs parents who have said ‘I wouldn’t change X. His condition is what makes him who he is.’ Do I agree? Do I heck! If I […]

Legoland and more support

Weeks are disappearing so quickly at the moment. This week it’s certainly because of our trip to Legoland! Yay for the MPS Society! Ok, so Pudding probably would have been just as happy with a few people in a field playing football, but Twiglet was mega-excited. Right from the entrance, he was buzzing every time […]


Focusing on the positive today. Pudding has definitely been making a little bit of a leap lately in terms of communication. I think the Makaton seems to be really helping. I don’t know whether it’s that he was already trying to say some of the words and I just didn’t understand, or that having a […]


Sometimes I feel so scared when Pudding hits out. He does it in frustration when I say no to food, or TV, or need to change his nappy. It’s not just my concern about being hurt – which is a real one. (I’ve had my glasses kicked into my nose, leading to bleeding; I’ve been […]


Just as I think the drive to Manchester is becoming routine, for the next 7 weeks they are shutting one of the roads so I’ll have to find another route through Manchester. Hoorah! Otherwise things are settling in. After last time when Claire, another ERT nurse, got the line in first time they didn’t bother […]