Over the Easter weekend we spent five nights away in the best hotel. The hotel of Mum and Dad. When I said we were staying for five nights, I saw the look of consternation on their faces, and I must admit to feeling a teensy bit guilty. But they didn’t object out loud and I […]

Faith (or lack of it)

I suppose Easter is possibly a contentious time for me to be writing about faith, but hopefully anyone reading this will understand that I certainly do not intend to offend. In the Christian calendar it is a time of hope and renewal, and although for me it’s mainly about the family time and the chocolate, […]


Inclusion has been much on my mind this week. A while back we made the decision to send Pudding to mainstream school when he starts full-time in September. Hopefully this will prove to be the right decision for us, but in order for it to work he would need full-time support in place. Without proper […]

Jumping for joy

Well, not quite, but something did make me very happy today. I’ve found it difficult staying sane this last week. Being pretty much house-bound with two boys coughing through the night and whingey during the day is not designed to show me at my best. I freely admit, sometimes I think I am not cut […]


OK, so it’s not the most inspiring title for a blog post ever, but bear with me! Ever since Pudding was little I’ve had problems cutting his toenails. Admittedly I may not be the most expert nail cutter. I am, after all, the one who accidentally drew blood when trying to do Twiglet’s nails at […]


The best laid schemes of mice and men… Well I thought everything was sorted regarding our next visit to Manchester for Pudding’s trial medication. Hubby was going to come with us for this second time, to help me with the drive between hospital and hotel among other things. Someone would be picking Twiglet up from […]


I went out for a meal on Monday with a lovely friend. So nice to get out and have a good chat. She mentioned something about the difficulty of diagnosis and how you need to get to that stage where it isn’t the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last […]