September, when Pudding starts school, suddenly seems awfully close. I suppose most parents probably face some anxiety around this time, but possibly even more so when your child has additional needs. Occasionally I have had little wobbles about our decision to send him to our local mainstream school; usually when somebody says, ‘You’re sending him […]

That conversation

For a long time now I’ve wondered whether we should be telling Twiglet more about MPS and what it means for his brother. Everything I had read about the subject suggests that the earlier a sibling knows about potential problems the better able they are to deal with it. Also, with Pudding going to the […]

Donkey riding, donkey riding

It’s all too easy sometimes to look at the interesting things other families get up to in the weekends and holidays and feel a twinge of jealousy. Think, ‘We could do that too if we didn’t have Pudding in tow’. Well perhaps now we’re starting to access some respite hours that will be possible. But […]

MPS Awareness Day

The day finally arrived and we all did well Wearing It Blue – even Hubby who stayed at home all day and didn’t see anyone. The blue hair dye was somewhat unimpressive. I had hoped that it would take well on my white hairs (of which there are almost more than the dark ones these […]

What does MPS mean?

When a chance meeting leads to questions about Pudding I often say he has a genetic disorder that causes his development delay. People can be genuinely interested and ask for more information, wanting to know the name of the condition. My heart sinks a little – they won’t have heard of it, just like I […]


I wasn’t actually intending to post here today, but Pudding and I had such a nice surprise this morning that I had to. It was one of those mornings where we got back from the school run and Pudding flitted from one toy to the next in a seamless flow. I tried to shoehorn in […]

Not another awareness day!?

I know, I know. It seems like almost every week there is another awareness day, another cause tugging at your heart- and purse-strings. MPS Awareness Day is on the 15th May and I wanted to say a little about why it’s important to me. Obviously MPS is something I think about every day since I […]

Selfish genes

I’ve always said that motherhood has changed me for the worse. Some days I desperately want my old self back – the one who has had enough sleep, who has the privacy to pee in peace, and most importantly who has the head-space to think my own thoughts. Do I wish my children away? No. […]

Communication (part 2)

So what are communication problems actually like with a special needs child? Obviously vastly different from the ‘normal’ range, but also very variable within those who do have difficulties. For ages I’ve not known quite how to describe Pudding’s language skills. Non-verbal definitely isn’t right – the child hardly ever stops talking. He doesn’t seem to […]