A Year On

Last week was a strange one for me. It was Summer Fair and Sports Day at Twiglet’s school, both held under looming grey skies and the constant threat of rain. The conditions couldn’t have been a greater contrast to the weather of the previous year, yet I was happy. I remember last year sitting on […]


Once upon a time in a place not so far from here, a little boy was bursting with excitement. He had just met a real live author and now had a shiny new copy of a book signed by this famous man. His parents told him to look after the book as it was special, […]


I’ve had on my list for a while to blog about Portage but wasn’t planning on writing it this week. Then I found out today that it’s Portage Awareness Week so what better time really? Most people not in the SEN world will probably have no idea what Portage is. I certainly didn’t before Pudding. […]

No-man’s land

It’s a strange place we find ourselves at the moment. Pudding has a serious genetic condition – those with the severe version of MPS II (Hunter Syndrome) are not expected to live beyond their teenage years – yet he is not actually ill. Last summer when it seemed like there was never-ending roadworks going on […]