As Pudding moves on to another phase of his life it has meant a number of sad endings. In the last few weeks we have waved goodbye to portage, to the gym sessions that he goes to, and to his preschool playgroup. They have all been such positive inputs in his life and I will […]

I wish I could see the future

So, I haven’t written much lately. The reason? I’ve spent much of the last three weeks feeling angry and disappointed and downright scared about the future. Bear with me – I’m not wanting to be contentious here. I believed very strongly that we would be better off staying in the EU. I recognise that many […]


‘He’s a handful, isn’t he?’ ‘You can’t relax when he’s around.’ ‘Gosh he’s full on.’ All things that have been said about Pudding lately, and they have made me very happy. Why? Because they were said by two ladies who are long-term childminders and respite carers. I’ve sometimes wondered, in my more hopeless moments, whether […]


Has it really been that long since my last post? In a way it feels longer… The evening of my last post, Pudding went down with a sickness bug. Little sleep, much washing of towels, endless hours of TV and four days without hearing the word ‘Ungry!’ from him, and at last I thought he […]