Feeling the love

I have many reasons to feel grateful despite MPS: the uncomplicated smile of delight on Pudding’s face when he sees someone he likes; his deep chuckle when something catches his fancy on TV; the love given to him by his older brother despite being hit frequently; occasional sunny days; trips out. One thing I haven’t […]

Perfect Day

When Pudding was first diagnosed with MPS I thought I’d never be able to smile again. If you are told that your child has a life-limiting illness it is like your whole world has just ended and nothing will ever be the same. Other parents told me that the first year was the worst, and […]


Anyone who knows Pudding, knows that he is obsessed by ball. It was one of his earliest words and as soon as he could walk he would stagger up to anyone in the park and demand to play with their ball. Once his balance improved enough to stay upright without falling over every two seconds, […]

Drayton Manor

So so tired today, but it was in a VERY good cause. Namely enjoying ourselves all weekend at Drayton Manor theme park. The weekend was organised by the MPS Society so we were surrounded by other member families. It was of course great fun to try out the rides with the boys and eat too […]

Changing Places

Yay for the summer holidays! A time to relax and kick back, head off to the beach or the hills or the theme park. Or wherever. For most parents the day’s outing will be dictated by two simple questions – what will everyone enjoy? and can we afford it? Some families though, aren’t so lucky. […]