Happy New Year

Christmas is over for another year. With a change to normal routine, festive food and many opportunities for sensory overload, I know many families with disabled or additional needs children can find the period a struggle. But for me, unlike other holidays, Christmas means lots of other adults around to help take on ‘Pudding duty’. […]

Festive fun

As I said last year, I’ve always loved Christmas. I know it’s not for everyone. And there are some people out there who prefer the wild partying and heady celebrations of New Year. But for me, Christmas is family and warmth and lights on the tree and food and… Oh, loads of other things that […]


Ah, the school nativity play. That time where parents struggle politely for the best vantage point to watch their sweet child parade onto the stage with all the others. The tinsel, and cobbled together costumes. The angel so busy looking out for her parents that she carries on walking and nearly trips over a shepherd. […]

Sleep like a baby?

Having written about emotions last time, I’ve come to realise something (probably fairly obvious) this week. I am so much better at coping with everything when I am well rested. I’ve had a few late nights recently, and I find it leaves me in such a fragile state of mind. When I’ve slept enough, I […]