Birthday planning

I find it hard to believe that my little Pudding will be 5 years old soon. When your child has additional needs, birthdays can sometimes be a stark reminder of milestones missed. This year though, it’s a new challenge that is facing me. The birthday party! Last year he had only just had an operation […]

Clearing out

Ah, the post-Christmas clear out! Finding space for all those new toys often means a ruthless look at the old ones and the filling up of various charity bags. Added to that, moving Pudding into his own room has given the perfect opportunity for some reorganisation and de-cluttering. Reaching under T’s bed to pull out […]

Clinical trial – a year on

Monday and Tuesday we were in Manchester again. It is the end of Pudding’s first year on the clinical trial that aims to halt the progression of Hunter Syndrome in his brain. So he needed to go for an MRI scan and lumbar puncture under general anesthetic. It’s been an emotional journey of course. First […]

Twiglet no more

To my oldest little boy, You’re growing up. From your too-short trousers to the five slab-like new teeth in your mouth, from your enthusiastic love of The Kinks to your adult way with words sometimes, I can’t help but notice it. Often lately I look at you and see the teenager you will become. It […]