Raining in my heart

Like many parents, I’ve seen Frozen many many times, and to misquote one of Anna’s early lines, ‘The sky’s crying, so I’m crying’. Some days everything just seems too much. Today has been one of those days. Whether it’s tiredness from the long hospital day yesterday and a night listening to Pudding shouting from his […]


I have a neck! (How stupid does that sound? Nearly 46 years on this planet and she’s only just realised…) The truth is I’ve been walking around since Monday morning like a swan with an elegant long neck rising effortlessly out from my shoulders. I had forgotten what feeling truly relaxed is like. The norm […]


So you may have gathered that the last few weeks haven’t been the easiest – sickness bugs, half term, surgery, virtual house arrest after surgery (and don’t even mention politics!). But I’ve been carried through by the kindness of … well, almost everyone. Of course, there will always be the exceptions, the ones who judge […]


Surgery this evening. After finding out in March that the port that delivers Pudding’s trial medication to his brain is no longer working properly, he is having it replaced today. This morning I chased him and let him climb on my back ¬†and tickled him until we were both in helpless giggles, as I knew […]