Focusing on the positive today. Pudding has definitely been making a little bit of a leap lately in terms of communication. I think the Makaton seems to be really helping. I don’t know whether it’s that he was already trying to say some of the words and I just didn’t understand, or that having a sign as well makes it more concrete for him, but today when I suggested a sleep, he said ‘Ee’ (sounding just like what he says for eat) but with an approximation of the sign, so it was really clear. He has also started using the sign for ‘Where’ and saying it, and I think today he also tried the sign for ‘egg’ despite only seeing it a few minutes earlier. Brilliant boy!

Also an achievement for today was when I had the animal snap cards out. I’d laid out three of them on the floor and gave him a matching one. Straight away he put it on top of the correct pile. Then repeated it with others again and again, even when there were up to 6 piles to choose from. When I gave him one that wasn’t already down, he looked along the row, realised it was different and put it down separately. I was gobsmacked!

We also had a lovely time at the playground the other day. As usual Pudding focussed in on some older boys playing ball and went to badger them. He then ran away with it, into the hard court area. They followed (six 10-11 year olds) and then played football with him for ages; encouraging him to kick, pretending to miss it, and complimenting his skill. It was so lovely to watch, and really gave me hope for the future, that he will be able to get on in life as he’s so engaging.

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